Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee (Standing Committee)

Chairperson¬†–¬†Karen Buerkle


  • To seek candidates to fill the vacancies on the Board.

Nominating Process

  • The committee submits the candidates’ names to the Board of Directors

Election Process

  • Candidates are asked to submit a brief biographical sketch of themselves which will be sent along with a voting ballot to each member .
  • The names of all nominees along with spaces for write-ins will be printed on the ballot.
  • Ballots will be sent to homeowners that will be voting. The voting rights of residents will be assured by having them initial next to their address on the outside of their envelopes after completing and sealing the ballot envelope inside the mailing envelope.
  • Ballots will be mailed to the Property Management office and forwarded to the Nominating Committee within 14 days. By checking off each address from a master homeowner list, the committee will be able to verify the votes that are submitted.
  • Ballots will be separated from the mailing envelopes immediately prior to counting. This will assure voting privacy. Counting of the ballots will take place within one week following the voting deadline.
  • The nominees will be notified within two days of the election results.
  • The newly elected Board Members will start their term at the first Board Meeting of the New Year.


  • Preliminary meetings begin in Early October and run through ballot counting in December.