Frequently Asked Questions

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I would like to change the exterior color of my home, do I need approval?

Yes, anytime you make a change to the exterior of your home you must first submit a request to the ARB and receive written approval prior to making the change.

What is considered a change to the exterior?

A few examples of exterior changes are:

  • Color of siding, trim and shutters
  • Changes or additions to entry doors
  • Addition of storm doors
  • Fountains, wishing wells, ponds, etc
  • Major landscape changes/additions
  • Flag poles – non house mounted
  • Parking pads
  • Removal of trees
  • Storage buildings
  • Fences


I’ve submitted my request to the ARB – when will I receive a response?

The ARB will notify the homeowner within 30 days of receipt of all requested documentation.

I have out-of-town company coming to stay. Is it a violation for my guest to park overnight on the street?

No, it is understood that from time to time each homeowner may have guests who may need to park overnight. However, all residents are required to park in their driveway or garage.

My neighbor’s dog continually barks, who do I call?

This would be a matter for the City of Charleston Animal Control, 843-720-3915.

If I have a problem or concern, how do I go about filing a complaint?

Please contact the property management company Sentry management, see contact page.