Architectural Review Board

Architectural Review Board – (Standing Committee)

Ken Bolin, Architect
Mike Hepner
Jeff McNeeley
Becky Dornisch
Nelle Woodruff


Architectural and design review shall be directed towards attaining the following objectives for the Subdivision:

  • Prevent excessive or unsightly grading, indiscriminate earth moving or clearing of property, removal of trees and vegetation which could cause disruption of natural water courses or scar natural land forms.
  • Insure that the location and configuration of structures are visually harmonious with the terrain, with the vegetation of the Lot or Common Areas and with surrounding Lots and structures, and does not unnecessarily block scenic views from existing structures or tend to dominate any general development or natural landscape.
  • Insure that the architectural design of structures and their materials and colors are visually harmonious with the Subdivision’s overall appearance, history, and cultural heritage, with surrounding development, with natural land forms and native vegetation, and with development plans, officially approved by the Owner, or any governmental or public authority, if any, for the areas in which the structures are proposed to be located.
  • Insure the plans for landscaping provide visually pleasing settings for structures on the Lots and Common Areas and on adjoining or nearby Lots which blend harmoniously with the natural landscape.
  • Insure that any structure, building or landscaping complies with the provisions of these covenants.
  • Promote building design and construction techniques that respond to energy consumption and environmental quality considerations such as heat loss, air emissions and run-off water quality.

Process of Review – Download the ARB Request Form

Architectural Review Guide

Items Needed

  • Request Form
  • Copy of Plot Plan (Final Survey)
  • Pictures or drawings of fence, porch, etc
  • Any helpful information

How to Submit – Mail completed Request form and drawings, etc. to  Danny DeSimoni of Sentry Management:

Danny DeSimoni
Community Association Manager
Sentry Management Inc
4925 Lacross Rd #112
North Charleston SC 29406
843-795-0191 (fax)

Timing – Upon receipt of completed form and all needed information, the ARB has 30 days to review and respond. Should additional information be requested from the Homeowner, the 30 day period will begin upon receipt of all requested information.

Appeal Process -In the event the ARB denies a request, the homeowner has the right to appeal to the ARB. Once an appeal request is made, a meeting with the ARB will be scheduled.

Guidelines – The ARB guidelines can be found in your HOA Manual. If you have misplaced your manual or need a new manual, you can order one by contacting the Property Manager.

Violation/Complaint Procedure – Homeowners who have a suggestion, complaint, or question should use the following procedure:

  1. All correspondence must be in writing and signed by the homeowner. The correspondence will be kept in strict confidence.
  2. The correspondence can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to the Property Manager or Secretary.
  3. The suggestion/complaint will be
    1. Logged in as received
    2. Opened and a determination will made as to whether action can be taken during the next directors meeting or if immediate attention is needed
    3. If immediate action is needed, the Property Manager will notify the President, the President may call for a special directors meeting
    4. The Property Manager will send an acknowledgment to the homeowner, verifying that the correspondence has been received
  4. After action has been taken, a reply will be mailed to the homeowner.

The Association is active in enforcing the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. However, it is not the responsibility of your volunteer Directors, Board Officers or the Property Manger to act as the Police. The Board of Directors have contracted with the Property Manager to enforce the Covenants, Conditions and Restriction violations and apply prescribed enforcement.

There are normally two forms of complaints; one is a complaint which violates City Ordinances and Laws and the second is a complaint which violates Bayview Farms Association Covenants and Restrictions. It is the homeowner(s) and their neighbors who are responsible to inform the police when a law is broken such as speeding or disturbing the peace (example: a late, loud party). The Association can assist by requesting increased police patrols or quicker response times.

Common Violations

  1. Overnight parking on the street or on the grass. Article V, Section 13
  2. Parking or storing a boat(s) or trailer in the drive or yard. Article V, Section 26, Exception: these items can be stored inside the garage as long as the door can be completely closed. They also can be stored on perimeter lots, as long as the boat or trailer can not be seen from any street. No lake or marsh lots are considered perimeter. It is always in the best interest of both the homeowner and the Association for the homeowner to check with the ARB to inquire if their property meets the requirements of a perimeter lot.
  3. Leaving a basketball goal up, in sight, when not in use. Article V, Section 11 and Section 26. The ARB allows the use of portable basketball goals, however, when not in use, they must be lowered and removed from sight.

The penalty for these and other violations are:

  1. Written Notice, with a request for immediate correction of the violation
  2. Send the homeowner a second notice with a $50.00 fine and a $25.00 per day charge for each day the violation continues. For each time the same violation is repeated, a fine of $25.00 per day will be charged to the homeowner without notice.

In the event the homeowner does not correct the violation or refuses to pay the fine, the matter will be turned over to the Association Attorney for collection and/or legal action.

Meeting – Date and Time – The ARB tries to handle routine requests by mail. The ARB, at this time, does not have a scheduled meeting day or time. Anyone wishing to attend a meeting may contact the property manager’s office and request to be included on the upcoming meeting agenda, include the subject matter.